1. Moore, R.H., L. Williams, C. Hoy, V. Bouchard, D, Stinner, P. Grewal, P.C. Goebel, and N. Knobloch

Grant Title: "Linking Watershed Research and GK-12 Education Within an Ecosystem Context."
Grant Period: 7/1/07-06/30/11.
Source of Funding: NSF GK-12 Program
Amount: $2,958,178


2. Moore, R.H., L. Williams

Grant Title: "A Plan to Reduce Phosphorus Loading and Improve Stream Ecological Function in the Middle Fork and Adjoining Watersheds of the Sugar Creek Watershed: Joint Recommendations for the Alpine Cheese Phosphorus Nutrient Trading Plan."
Grant Period: 2006-2011
Source of Funding: Alpine Cheese Company NPDES Permit Application to Ohio EPA. Service contract for the OSU research.
*The plan was part of a point source pollution permit for Alpine cheese. The contract also supports the social and natural headwaters research by Drs. Moore and Williams. This was Ohio's first approved permit for water-quality trading.
Amount: $800,000 *plan total of which $300,000 will go to Sugar Creek Research.


3. Williams, L. R.H. Moore, V. Bouchard, C.P. Goebel, D. Stinner

Grant Title: "Landscape scale disturbances in an agroecosystem: impacts on aquatic and riparian environments in the Sugar Creek Watershed, Ohio."
Grant Period: 2006-2009
Source of Funding: USDA CSREES
Amount: $590,000


4. Moore, R.H., B. Stinner, L. Williams, and R. Ramseyer

Grant Title: "Evaluation of Innovative Conservation Measures in a Phosphorus Nutrient Trading Program in the Sugar Creek Watershed of Ohio (Alpine Cheese)."
Grant Period: 2005-2006
Source of Funding: OARDC ATECH Matching Grants Program
Amount: $100,000


5. Moore, R.H., and J. Parker

Grant Title: "Expanding local participation in conservation programs: Examining factors affecting conservation adoption among Old Order Amish in the Sugar Creek Watershed."
*Grant for graduate student research. This was the only graduate student grant to be awarded for Ohio.
Period of funding: 2006
Source of Funding: USDA Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education Program
Amount: $10,000


6. Moore, R.H., B. Stinner, C.P. Goebel, L. Brown

Grant Title: "Improving Water Quality and Fostering a Community Vision and Action Through Participatory Farmer Groups in the Sugar Creek Headwaters"
Period of funding: 2002-2005
Source of Funding: EPA 319 grant
Amount: $475,479


7. Moore, R.H., B. Stinner; C. P. Goebel, D. Stinner, R. Taylor

Grant Title: "Impact of economics-driven land use decisions on watershed health."
Period of funding: 2003-2006
Source of Funding: NSF Biocomplexity Planning Grant Program
Amount: $99,900


8. Moore, R.H., and B. Stinner

Grant Title:"Improving Livestock and Grain Farms’ Contribution to Environmental Quality Through Headwaters Learning Communities (Year 2)"
Period of funding: 2002-2003
Source of Funding: USDA Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education Program
Amount: $49,532


9. Moore, R.H., B.Stinner, and L. Grant

Grant Title: "Improving Livestock and Grain Farms’ Contribution to Environmental Quality through Headwaters Learning Communities (Year 1)"
Period of funding: 2001-2002
Source of Funding: USDA Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education Program
Amount: $49,532


10. Moore, R.H., and M. Weaver

Grant Title: "Apple Creek and Little Chippewa Watersheds Participatory Headwaters Project."
Period of funding: 2000-2001
Source of Funding: Environmental Policy Initiative (EPI) and Agroecosystems Management Program (AMP)
Amount of Funding: $16,000


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