Staffs and Graduate Students


Lois Grant

Program Coordinator: Agroecosystems Management Program, NSF GK-12 Sugar Creek Project

Deana Hudgins

Research Associate

Scot Long

Research Associate

Dave McCartney

Research Associate: Agroecosystem Management Program

Deborah Stinner

Research Scientist: Dept. of Entomology, Coordinator Organic Food and Farming Research and Education Program

Alexandre Joannon

Visiting Researcher, c/o Richard Moore
National Research Institute for Agriculture (INRA, France)

Jason S. Parker

Research Assistant Professor, Department of Plant and Soil Science
The University of Vermont

Natsuko Merrick

Program Manager, NSF GK-12 Sugar Creek Project


Graduate Students

Archis Grubh

(Ph.D.:Stream Ecology 2006, Adviser: Lance Williams)"
Effects of anthropogenic disturbances and biotic interactions on stream biota in gulf coastal plain streams." The Ohio State University, 2006
Aquatic Biologist,Texas Parks and Wildlife Department

Matt Mariola

(Ph.D.:Sociology 2008, Adviser: Richard Moore)
"Are Markets the Solution to Water Pollution? A Sociological Investigation of Water Quality Trading."
Current Possition:Visiting Assistant Professor, College of Wooster

Kyle Herrman

(Ph.D.: Natural Resources 2007, Adviser: Vieginie Bouchard)

"Mechanisms controlling nitrogen removal in agricultural headwater streams."
Current Possition:Assistant Professor, The Fisheries and Water Resources Colledge if Natural Resources, University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point

Natsuko Merrick

(Ph.D.: Soil Science 2010, Adviser: Warren Dick)
"Microbial Source Tracking: Watershed Scale Study of Pathogen Origin, Fate, and Transport in the Upper Sugar Creek Watershed, Northeast Ohio."

Current Possition:Program Manager,OARDC/OSU

Deborah Hersha

(Ph.D.: Natural Resources 2009, Adviser: Lance Williams, Virginie Bouchard)
"Agricultural Effects on Protists Assemblage Structure in Headwater Streams."

Current Possition:Senior Research Affiliate, Midwest Biodiversity Institute

Ed Moore

(MS: Natural resources 2010, Adviser: Lance Williams, Robert Gates)
"An Index of Biotic Integrity for Macroinvertebrates and Salamanders in Primary Headwater Habitat Streams in Ohio."

Current Possition:Ohio EPA

Kathryn Holmes

(Ph.D.: Natural resources 2008, Adviser: Charles Goebel)
"Landscape Factors Influencing Water Quality and The Development of Reference Conditions for Ripatian restration in The Headwaters of Northeast Ohio watershed." (2004 MS Thesis)

Current Possition:Research Associate, Forest Ecosystem Restoration and Ecology Lab
School of Environment and Natural Resources /OSU

Hector Santiago

(MS: Natural resources 2007, Adviser: Lance Williams)
 "Landscape Scale Disturbances in an Agroecosystem: Impacts on Aquatic and Riparian Environments in the Sugar Creek Watershed."

Current Possition:Regional Rivers Coordinator at The National Park Service

Elizabeth Risley

(MS: Natural resources 2006, Adviser: Lance Williams)
"Relationships among land use, geomorphology, local habitat and aquatic macroinvertebrate assemblages in agricultural headwater stream systems."

Current Possition:Ohio EPA division of Surface Water

Xiaoping Wei

(Ph.D.: Environmental Science 2012, Adviser: Richard Moore)
"Identification and Remediation of Macrobial Contaminants in the Headwaters of an Agricultural Watershed."

Jed Stinner

(Ph,D, candidate, Environmental Science, Adviser: Richard Moore)

Current Possition:Hydrologic Technician, USDA-ARS Columbus Ohio

Last update:12/10/2013